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A wonderful porn star that actually is dirtier than Jenna Jameson. She's had sex while high, pregnant, and bald.

She is known for her cute good looks and quirky personality.
Belladonna is the hottest bald porn chick on the block.
by Fates Warning August 17, 2007
A plant that, when taken into the body, you make you trip balls for a couple days. The plant is extremely toxic; taking even a little too much can kill someone, so it would be best to stick with other stuff like acid.
I ate some of that crazy shit and now I'm talking to this pile of clothes because it looks like Keanu Reaves.
by spacemanwithadeadbrain June 27, 2005

1. In Italian, a beautiful woman.
2. In English, a deadly poison.

Belladonna was used in Ambrose Bierce's satire "The Devil's Dictionary" to show the difference between Italy and England.
by Ibby C. August 06, 2007
A very nasty, amazing porn star who’s well known for putting enormous sex toys (and many at once) like dildos, butt plugs, and vibrators up her ass. She’s total skank with a great badonkadonk she likes to get duked.
In that last Bella Donna movie it looked like she had an uncut roll of bologna up her ass!
by tonymarc May 16, 2009
this is the shit hippies would take when i was a budding young hop head, (a hundred years ago!!) that makes one hallucinate shit like a roomful of snakes. -not recommended unless you're a hardcore masochist!! (or perhaps zoologist or herpetologist!)
dwayne was on belladonna; we had to take him to the hospital for a thorazine hit!!
by michael foolsley January 13, 2010
An anal phenomenon in which feces moves aside in the rectum to allow a fart to pass by thereby releasing the pressure of an impending poo.
-Did you go to the bathroom yet?

-No, but I just belladonnaed so I should be OK for a few more minutes.
by tee123 February 16, 2009
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