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A male name, Dwayne is pronounced d'wayn. It is of Irish and Gaelic origin "dubh", meaning "dark".

Dwayne is a rare name to come across but people named Dwayne are very intelligent and exellent people, borderline gods.
Hey look its Dwayne!
Oh man Dwayne is so awesome, lets go say hi.
by samie January 07, 2007
n. Someone of the male gender:
romantic, tall dark and handsome, gentleman, hilarious, charming, good dancer and kisser... pretty much the perfect guy.
Sara: Who was that guy you were with?
Laura: Dwayne!
Sara: OMG, LUCKY!!!
by -poorcow- May 22, 2005
Dwayne usually pronounced d'wayne is a name of legendary origin. Parents usually name their kids Dwayne when high on quality drugs or drunk on expensive wine.

The name Dwayne is extremely rare to come across. You could say it is of god status.

Everyone likes someone called Dwayne. Often regarded as a bad ass gangster who is ruthless and brutal to the bone. Nobody should mess with a Dwayne.
Guy: Hey look it's Dwayne, should I go mess with him?
Guy 2: Dude, where have you been? Haven't you heard, Dwayne is awesome? I'm going to bash you now.
Girl: Ooh, Dwayne you're so sexy when people defend your honor.
by Anonymous Blogger June 25, 2009
The act of grappling an unsuspecting female by the throat in such a manner that her tongue protrudes from her mouth, and without consent licking the aforementioned tongue. Then, whilst gushing profusely from the mouth and shaking violently, the 'Dwayner' loudly proclaims "I HAVE PROBLEMS!" in a victorious manner.
(Following a successful attempt at Dwayning)
Dwayne: "I HAVE PROBLEMS! Yeahhh bitch you just got Dwayned!"
by RiskyMontana July 06, 2011
d-wayne: State of having disappeared because of something very embarrassing that has happened to you or a family member. Comes from "Daniel Wayne Smith" son of Anna Nicole Smith who passed on Sept 10, 2006, probably out of shame.
Where's Bill, he was supposed to be here at six? Oh, he's d-wayne after taking home that hermaphrodite last night. We probably won't see him for the rest of the weekend
by DCPY September 21, 2006
An onomatoepoeia... used similar to "pwn"
*person one and person two are playing call of duty*

Person 1: DAMN! You killed me.
Person 2: DWAYNE!
by Therappingman January 24, 2010
(v.) To bumble through life wearing a public façade of genial politeness in order to mask the undulating, passive-aggressive resentment you feel for anyone who doesn't share your passionate love of Double-Doubles, barbecuing, bonfire parties, budget-priced domestic beer, baseball caps given away for free with cases of said beer and free parking. And when you enjoy all these things, you really giv'r. Something of an English Canadian stereotype.
You should dwayne a little less on Fridays, eh?
by jian ghopetty November 30, 2009
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