A common replacement for the word, "bitch". Used a lot in the Bay Area of California.
"Beezy; Replacement of bitch."
"Man, I hate Mrs.Johnson, she always gives us so much homework. That beezy!"
by A shadow. January 09, 2007
First used by Mac Dre AKA the father of the hyphy movement. It can be interchangeable with "bitch," but it is also a combination of two words: Be & Easy. Thus, BEEZY.
Be Easy go 'head please me Beezy
by STEPHDACNIQ April 16, 2007
bitch, and/or chick, cunt, mostly refering to a female
Damn! that beezy is FINE!!!!
by rayne hall January 01, 2008
This generally refers to spoiled white girls who are addicted to BBMing eachother and making eachother feel hot with constant compliments. They refer to eachother as beezys, so they are called beezys
OMG!! BBM me when you wake up beezy!!! <33
by alex_beedman January 26, 2011
1. A bitch

female dog

2. A hot ass motherf***er.

3. Elementary way of saying 'busy'
1. Damn, that chick is such a beezy. She wouldn't go deep throat on me.

2. Whoo, that chick has a nice six-pack and a big rack.
What a beezy ;)

3. I'm beezy right now, we can play at chuck e cheese's later
by ilovebeezy May 09, 2010
A bitchy and sleazy woman.
Jen is so beezy.
by snife83 July 08, 2014
Commonly given as a nickname to individuals with names beginning with the letters "B" and "E". It is a term of affection that is earned by gaining acceptance amongst one's peers. In the community of Alcoa, TN there is a man called Beezy who is quite possibly the most masculine man to ever walk the earth.
Similar to Lil' Wayne's "Weezy", and Kanye West's "Yeezy." Jay Z's wife Beyonce is sometimes referred to as Beezy.
by BagA'Chips September 07, 2011
A beezy is not merely a bitch, but rather one of those incredibly dumb materialistic girls you might find in orange county, san diego or a sorority party that often possess fake boobs, fake blonde hair and a fake personality to match.
Dude, I just watch an episode of the Real Housewives of Who Gives a Fuck and man, that Bethany, whatta fucking dumb beezy.
by apacherose99 June 05, 2011

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