Beezy means girl,or it can also mean a hoe.
A I fucked that beezy last night.

You go with that beezy.
by RIP mac drizzle March 30, 2006
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fool, bitch, asshole, skank, hoebag, douche, dumbass
You know Taylor? Ew I hate that chick.
I know man, she's such a fuckin' beezy.
by Yoshimoto June 02, 2005
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1. A bitch

female dog

2. A hot ass motherf***er.

3. Elementary way of saying 'busy'
1. Damn, that chick is such a beezy. She wouldn't go deep throat on me.

2. Whoo, that chick has a nice six-pack and a big rack.
What a beezy ;)

3. I'm beezy right now, we can play at chuck e cheese's later
by ilovebeezy May 09, 2010
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A word that illiterate girls use when they try and make themselves fit it. These girls are usually ugly, don't take their future seriously, and are a bit slutty. This word does not help with their social lives but they are too thick-headed to notice.
You get called a slut by dumb beezys when we chill.
by dmbbtchhtr May 14, 2008
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A play on the word bitch but used as a nickname for a close female friend when they do (or buy) something you want.
Friend 1: Hey girl what u do today?

Friend 2: I went to the mall and that hella cute guy from the other day asked fo the digits!

Friend 1: Eww you beezy!
by elenita_228 September 20, 2005
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comes from the word "breezy" meaning an easy girl , one who a guy wants to get on. Dropped the "r" in San Francisco and Bay Area in order to differntuate itself from other cities.
Man, I'm about to holla at that beezy over there.
by pjshockey April 16, 2006
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Its another way to call a girl a bitch. Usually used with the words "boo boo."
1st guy:"Ay, you know that girl monica?"
2nd guy:"She a boo boo beezy"
by kiki August 27, 2004
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