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A fake condition that can be used as an excuse to get out of things.

Originated from South America from urinating in exotic rivers, ponds, lakes etc.

The worms travel up the urine stream through the urethra and into the testes. Then they eat away at the testes until there is nothing left.
Friend that isn't really your friend but thinks he is: "hey man are you coming to my birthday party on Saturday?"

You: "Dude I would but I have an appointment that day for my Testicular Worms"

Friend that isn't really your friend but thinks he is: "oh that sounds pretty bad man. good luck with your fight. Totes ok that you cant make it"

You: "Thanks"

*Testicular Worms win*
by DeathlikeJaguar November 26, 2009
the act of going to an eating establishment of the "fast food" variety and ordering a cornucopia of items off the value menu. saves money and very filling
Guy 1:What are you gonna order? I'm getting a big mac
Guy 2:Man I'm really hungry so I'm getting 2 mcdoubles, 2 mcchickens, 2 value fries, value drink, hot fudge sundae, and 2 apple pies. It gonna be a Value Menu Feast!
Guy 1:Epic
by DeathlikeJaguar January 23, 2010
Romantic Interest. A female you would like to make your girlfriend
*Girl walks away*
Guy 1: "Who was that? your beezy?"
Guy 2: "No she's still just my wanna-beezy"
by DeathlikeJaguar November 24, 2009

Originated from the words beezy which means Girlfriend and wanna-beezy which means Romantic interest.
Guy 1: "Tomorrow is (ex-girlfriend name here)'s Birthday"
Guy 2: "You should really delete all your used-to-beezy info from your head. What if it messes with your current beezy info"
by DeathlikeJaguar November 24, 2009
When somebody throws up after seeing another person throw up.
Guy 1: "Buuuuuagggh!!!"
Guy 2: "oh man thats Grouuuuuuugggh!!!" *afterpuke*
by DeathlikeJaguar November 23, 2009
Does not mean bitch, it means Girlfriend.
Guy 1: "Dude, can you hang out today?"
Guy 2: "No, I have to take my beezy out tonight"
by DeathlikeJaguar November 24, 2009

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