A Blunt.
Lets smoke a beezy.
by sHamsWam August 16, 2009
what you could call someone you are dissing. or would like to hate on
all mean the same thing.
but beezy sounds cooler.
and you can't really get in trouble
for saying it in school.
woot woot.

Oh my god.
Maxine is such a beezy!

"Beezy! YOU WANNA GO?!"

dude...your mom is a total beezy.
by ashleyinshock February 17, 2009
A word used to politely refer to girl as a "bitch", but a very chill bitch
who is that random beezy?
nah, no worries, that beezy is chill
by k baby January 25, 2007
someone who is your sexy mate
"Yo, ma beezy, what's crackin'?"
"Nutin' much, beezy."
by happybirthdaybitch January 14, 2012
meaning either blunt, or bowl.
michael: yooo, wanna smoke this beezy?!
elizabeth: obviously!
by ganjgirl August 18, 2010
it's like calling someone a bitch, but in nicer terms ;] mostly for girls, mine is for guys.
Cedric you beezy, come here.
by Jennifer Hudgens January 21, 2007
A broke chick with no money, willing to be loud and fuck any black guy
Last week I went over this beezy house and she gave me head.
by Lil Dada 09 September 14, 2009

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