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When someone rips a fart which reaks up the general area.
Holy shit! Bob just ripped a big beefy beefer!
by Kernal November 19, 2004
A beefer is someone that creates beef, drama, fights, etc.

Man, Adams such a beefer!

by Chels <3 November 18, 2006
noun - a slang would for best friend for ever and ever
"yo tom, you're my beefer"
"dude kelsey, you're my beefer man"
by britney, bitch January 22, 2009
Royal Marine ( United Kingdom forces) slang for a male homosexual
"Do you know Ginge"
"He's beef"
"Ginge a beefer ?! Never"
by RGT March 18, 2007
a word used to describe people with extremely large breasts
(lady walks past) she has beefers!!
by Allan Galeziewski June 23, 2007
These are not just regular fat kids. They are fat, athletic men on the offensive line who can turn and run at any moment, skip pull and ram with the utmost efficiency, and rub a little nasty on their opponent (i.e. Tea-bag). Some may call beefers by another alias which is willmanites. The select few in this brotherhood are joined together by one name, the Beefer Nation. The 2008 offensive linemen for the Permian high school football team are the original founders of the Beefer Nation, and therefore have the privilege to elect other people as beefers.
Man did you see all those beefers?!....No those are just fat kids...
by DasPfloog52 November 12, 2010
Someone who eats nonstop and looks like a little ball of fun!
Austin is such a beefers!!
by Josephina Molina September 27, 2010