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When someone rips a fart which reaks up the general area.
Holy shit! Bob just ripped a big beefy beefer!
by Kernal November 19, 2004
61 94
Someone who eats nonstop and looks like a little ball of fun!
Austin is such a beefers!!
by Josephina Molina September 27, 2010
0 34
People with bovine prototypical properties.
Do you think that people are Beefers because they eat massive amounts of meat?
by the Beefer August 25, 2009
0 34
Australian for a shit
Aww Man, ya shudda seen the beefer I just laid in the dunny... Rippah!!
by Gerry December 02, 2004
6 40
A noisy and sulfurous fart.
This sick pud just ripped a beefer in my face.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
23 57
looking rank after a particularly heavy night out, look often lasts a whole day.
jen must have had a good night last night, she's looked beefin All day!
by jess October 19, 2003
2 36
to crack-ass with substance
After eating three plates of jalepeno nachos, Jack ripped a beefer.
by disco July 29, 2003
15 49