to crack-ass with substance
After eating three plates of jalepeno nachos, Jack ripped a beefer.
by disco July 29, 2003
A person who is fat, socially awkward, extremely unathletic, and permanently smells like a mixture of body odor and farts. The central wardrobe items in every beefer's closet are tapered sweat pants, novelty t-shirts, flannel and jean jackets. Beefers typically sweat 8-10 times more than their non-beefer counterparts, and have armpit stains within 30 minutes of showing and dressing in the morning. Easily identifiable by their dirt staches, horrid breath and die-hard love for the game of hockey. Only males can be classified as a beefer.
Person 1: Did you catch a whiff of those fat losers trading hockey cards in the K-Mart parking lot yesterday?

Person 2: Yeah, what a bunch of beefers.
by cunigs July 23, 2009
a word used to describe people with extremely large breasts
(lady walks past) she has beefers!!
by Allan Galeziewski June 23, 2007
Noun. Large hairy men who take off their shirts and "belly buck" each other in a ring. Very similar to Sumo wrestling, but for homosexual redneck men.
Look at those two beefers belly-bucking. One of them has his pants hanging down. I can see his ass-crack. God, beefers turn me on!
by El Duce November 06, 2004
1. A guy or girl who is WAY too muscular/large/tall for their own good.
2. A goodlooking guy (tall, muscular).
1. HOLY SHIT! That chick on the softball team is a frieken BEEFER! Watch out!
2. Daaaaamn dude he's a beefer...hook it up.
by Andrea August 07, 2004
looking rank after a particularly heavy night out, look often lasts a whole day.
jen must have had a good night last night, she's looked beefin All day!
by jess October 19, 2003
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