noun - a slang would for best friend for ever and ever
"yo tom, you're my beefer"
"dude kelsey, you're my beefer man"
by britney, bitch January 22, 2009
Top Definition
A beefer is someone that creates beef, drama, fights, etc.

Man, Adams such a beefer!

by Chels <3 November 18, 2006
A term used to categorize a female of substantial size and weight. Unlike your standard run of the mill fat girl, Beefers avoid whale-status by engaging in minor physical activities such as running on the treadmill in ten minute intervals, erotically dancing at frat parties, and vigorously waving their arms as they bitch about their relationships (or lack thereof). Beefers travel in herds (also known as beef stampedes) and can reduce a solid B+ party to a C- in as little time as it takes to fit them all through the front door.
Rob: Hey man, is that party worth stopping by for?
Steve: Hell yeah man, theres so much booze its redic- ....Wait, fuck, nevermind a beef stampede just rolled through. Beefers on beefers in this bitch now. FUCK!
Rob: Be there in ten.
by DirtyMikeNDaBoyz December 14, 2014
Royal Marine ( United Kingdom forces) slang for a male homosexual
"Do you know Ginge"
"He's beef"
"Ginge a beefer ?! Never"
by RGT March 18, 2007
When someone rips a fart which reaks up the general area.
Holy shit! Bob just ripped a big beefy beefer!
by Kernal November 19, 2004
Australian for a shit
Aww Man, ya shudda seen the beefer I just laid in the dunny... Rippah!!
by Gerry December 02, 2004
A noisy and sulfurous fart.
This sick pud just ripped a beefer in my face.
by UrbanWebster February 15, 2004
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