To do something that is Becht-like, or to do something that is the converse of Becht
Hot as Becht
Doin'a perspire as Becht
Widow peak as Becht
Trendy as Becht
Raw as Becht
by Sella December 23, 2003
Top Definition
To be an Indian and wear the clothes of the white man, your historical oppressor
That's Becht as shit
I'm barefoot as Becht on Halloween, post Deet
by Sella December 23, 2003
becht is a fat man who can handle his beer. one time he had to go to detox because he took twenty some shots in an hour. many people refer to different things using "becht" in a sentence.
It's cold as becht walking home from detox.
Drunk as becht in detox.
Raw fucking becht.
Becht as shit.
by tyler December 04, 2003
once a simple last name, now has evolved into a word with multiple meanings, good or bad.
that shit was becht
its hotter than becht in here
i'm sick like becht in detox
by tyler December 01, 2003
Thats one drunk Indian
One that wears a black cowboy hat and walks the streets belligerently drunk
by Big Pimpin December 08, 2003
Used to describe ass cream given to you by a 300lb wolverine
bechts ass cream was as RAW as my ass
by deek December 08, 2003
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