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a tramp or scally. derived from popular children's book "stig of the dump". used only in certain areas of north manchester.
kevin pissed himself in the akash last night, but at least he gave them money for dry cleaning. he's still a proper stiggo though.
by Deek December 07, 2004
A turd that will not relinquish its grasp on your anus, forcing you to clinch your asscheeks together in order to pinch it off.
"That shit just wouldn't let go; it was a real clincher."
by deek March 29, 2003
Used to describe ass cream given to you by a 300lb wolverine
bechts ass cream was as RAW as my ass
by deek December 08, 2003
Foamy Horse Pussy
She's got some fhp.
by Deek October 08, 2003
1. An overweight person
2. An overweight wanker
3. An Overweight person that thinks they know every thing but actually knows fuck all.
oh fuck here cums fatty boom boom, Mr know fuck all, what a fucking tosser.
by Deek May 14, 2003
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