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slap your pork
by anonymous September 21, 2003
77 86
When Your really horny and can't get some, you rent porn and rub your little man till he becomes strong. MASTURBATING!!! Always be sure to use a rubber glove for protection!
Jason: Geeze, I can't get laid, im gonna have to beat my meat tonight!
Bob: Your horniness and extreme virginity frightens me jason.
by anonymous August 19, 2003
313 114
Stroke your salami. To jack off!
I caught Tonio beating his Meat.
by KRAZY-D & Big - C April 13, 2003
149 76
Masterbation in an up and down motion.(preformed by male or females willing to do it for you.)
Marcus almost got caught beating his meat.
by Ricky Rivers September 15, 2003
121 56