When you done playing with my choad move on up to my beanbag.
by BenKerr October 17, 2003
One's testicles and scrotum.
Kiss my hairy bean bag dog.
by Dook M March 14, 2008
A slang term for a fat or an extremely old woman, or both.
Look at that beanbag standing over there.
by Regice November 09, 2010
To 'bean bag' is to fart in a sleeping bag after a campfire meal that includes baked beans and hold the top closed with someone inside. If you're especially perverse, you may choose to close yourself in the sleeping bag to marinate in your own butt funk.

The camping version of a 'ditch oven.'
Jordan: That was a delicious meal, honey! ::FART!::
(Jordan quickly scrambles out of the sleeping bag and pulls it over Beth's head while she gags in horror.)
Beth: That's disgusting! Must we always do this when we're camping? I'm going to stop making beans if you cotinue to bean bag me every camping trip.
by The Real Beth January 10, 2012
A douchebag who happens to be Mexican/ a beaner.
That wannabe cholo is such a fucking bean bag.
by Ahoohoo January 09, 2015
Can mean the person is being given a hard time.

Can mean someone has been rejected.

Can mean someone is ignoring someone.

Can infer position of power
I see your chick sent you to the bean-bag.

I gave that guy who asked me out the bean-bag.

I see your girlfriend is giving your the bean-bag treatment.

Im the one on the bean-bag in this situation.
by hs101 September 07, 2011
1: A bag of beans that children throw around in elementary school.

2: A mexican that is very lazy.
1: Teacher, can I have a ball to play with?

No, use a beanbag. They're safer.

2: You hired these people to build a house three years ago! Why aren't they done yet?

I hired beanbag labour.
by TT4:20 July 11, 2010

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