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A democratic Congressman who recently resigned. Whatever you do, NEVER FOLLOW HIM ON TWITTER OR ELSE...
Recently, I followed Anthony Weiner on Twitter and he sent me a picture of his junk. Now I am scarred for life.
by urbdictrulez June 24, 2011
78 16
1)An arrogant, horny, nauseatingly stupid liberal congressman with impulse control issues who is now the punchline of countless jokes and innuendo.
2)A bad joke that writes itself.
3)An email, text, or tweet of your junk.
1)The act of emailing, texting, or tweeting someone a picture of you junk.
2)The act of blaming someone of hacking into your social networking account to photoshop and/or distribute a picture of you and your junk (or someone else's junk).
Barak Obama is an Anthony Weiner.
Tony just Anthony Weinered me.
by Robber55 June 19, 2011
80 40
Any 45+ married creep who likes to strip naked and send pictures of his weener to teenage college girls.
Girl 1: Wow, who's picture is that? (pointing at her friend's email).
Girl 2: Some Anthony Weiner keeps sending me naked pictures of himself.
Girl 2: Gross!
by zombiegirl88 June 12, 2011
36 2
To implode spectacularly on the public stage through exposure of surreptitious activity, especially through creeping on the Internet.
Pundit: "That Congressman really pulled an Anthony Weiner, didn't he?"
by arlingtonrap June 11, 2011
30 8
A true god of a congressmen. The batman of politics. Probably has balls the size of planets. Will stand up to absolutely anybody who's full of bullshit, whether it be Faux News anchors or other politicians.
Anthony Weiner: "we have not been able to solve this problem because for years, our Republican friends have been unable to, and unwilling to. DEAL WITH IT."

Anthony Weiner: "so now we have a great amount of diversity, we have islamics, christians, and now i suppose aqua-buddhists (refering to Rand Paul)..."

Anthony Weiner: (to megyn kelly, sarcastically)"great interview. aces!"
by parpull March 31, 2011
48 127
One of the last surviving species of politicians to stand up for themselves and not fall prey to the "Fair and balanced" "Journalism" of Fox News and the conservative media outlets.

Also see: Honest politician, Extinct.
I really like that Anthony Weiner, he's got balls.
by waterboy72 March 28, 2011
34 116