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1. A more potent form of "bitch" the presence of the "a" facilitates repeating the insult many times over, causing much mental anguish.
2. Anemic creature with lewd, malicious intentions that grows in batches on "batch trees" Each batch secretes "batch juices" that are quite unpleasant.
3.A slang term to describe a load of semen. Also known as man chowder, baby batter, nut, etc.
1. Batch!! Where's my dinner?
2. That batch came from a bad batch, I can smell the batch juices a mile away!
3. When I couldn't hold off any longer, I dropped a fat batch right in her eye!
by the dude September 04, 2003
To mix tobacco and weed when smoking.
"Dude, let's batch so we can get this spliff bigger"
by Yea June 22, 2003
Is a term that is used to describe a fat bitch.
Thomas: "Ay yo check out that Batch!!!"
Guillermo: " Damn!!! Yah she sure is a fat Bitch!!!"
by Nat0069 April 15, 2008
a synonym for the wife of BJ(billy jefferson)Clinton ie Hillary Rodman.
Hillary!You stupid b'atch I told you the Lincoln bedroom was only for rent!
by James Carville October 06, 2007
(v.) A reference to a temporary reversion to some bachelor-like tendencies by a married heterosexual male while he or his spouse and children are out of town. Not viewed as a license for infidelity, but rather such behavior as drinking beer in his underwear inside a home or temporary residence.
Joe will batch it while Mary and the kids are at Grandma's.
by PSlim June 13, 2006
noun; can be either a term of endearment or an insult
Damn Gina, you are such a batch!
by Damn Gina November 09, 2003
another word for a bun or roll
"yo man can i av a bacon batch please with extra brown sauce"
by 87badboy October 18, 2006
Something very cool.
"I just did a triple back flip on skis!"
"wow dude thats batch as hell"
by ikilledkenny21x August 13, 2006