1.) (Bah-tch) The ebonic pronunciation of the word Bitch. A more slang use of the word.
Ay yo batch, we bout to pop a cap in yo ass dawg. Bt
by mehniq234 June 27, 2011
A combination between bitch, and bastard. Best used when utterly exasperated. Use often results in uncontrollable fits of laughter. The brain child of me, my best friend, and COD MW2.
AH! Fuck!! You batch!!

You're such a batch!

He's a batch.

She's a total batch.
by slaiton November 21, 2011
1. Short for "bachelor". Used to describe a single male that regularly exhibits all of the traits of a bachelor and enjoys the freedom of living the single life. A Batch's relationships with women never become very serious, as they often prefer a solid game of FIFA over female interaction. A common misconception is that a Batch rarely has sexual intercourse, but their "not-giving-a-fuck" attitude is highly appealing to women and ensures that they regularly have multiple sexual partners to choose from.
2. A fully fledged member of the Bachelor Brigade
CI: Hey, when do you think you'll get married?
JH: Dude, I don't even think about that. I'm a Batch for life.

Did you see that that guy pick up that chick last night and take her home? What a Batch!
by Capt Batch Bandit June 18, 2014
A term to describe a huge load of semen.
I can't wait to batch in your clean, smooth, bald pussy.


I pulled out and dropped a batch on her ass.
by rrr8rrr July 29, 2010
West Ireland variation of the word "bitch". Became prominent through Irish TV Show 'Hardy Bucks' and, as of yet can be used in circumstances where swear words would not be tolerated. Alternatives include nicknames, to get a girl's attention, swear word and used almost exclusively as a prelude to call your girlfriend and get her to make a sandwich.

Appropriate with use of a countryside Irish accent. If spoken any way otherwise, fines may be issued.
"Here, batch.....make me a sandwich"

"Batch, where have you been?!"

"You're some batch for not going to mass"

"Luis Suarez is the biggest batch known to man"
by Beeforoni September 12, 2014
A Bad Bitch. as in fucking awesome.
your batch ain't better than my batch!
by bridimattio April 25, 2011
The tobbaco that is mixed in with marijuana when a blunt is spinned up.
Break me off a piece of batch so i can mix it in dis draw right here
by Weed101 May 08, 2005

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