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- verb - to wander, to roam aimlessly, to travel without a destination or reason.
Brian is going to kershaw today because he is bored. Chris is kershawing again today because he has been sitting at his desk for longer than 20 minutes.
by jb50740 April 15, 2010
to 'kershaw' someone is to become consumed by a blind fit of rage, as if a red mist has descended over the attacker's eyes, resulting in swinging fists, angry snarls and busted lips. The attackers are often unaware of the fact that they have 'kershawed' someone, in a jekyll and hyde-esque fashion.
Oh my gosh, did you hear that Laura Noble totally Kershawed Andy last night? His lip is completely bust and she claims she has no recollection of hitting him.
by PixiePumpkin September 02, 2012
Having success up to the point where it really matters, and then inexplicably shitting your pants.
The Dodgers play well through September, but always kershaw against the Cardinals in October.
by Xopher October 10, 2014
Dude, or bro ("brah") in snowboarder lingo.
As in ,"Yo, Kershaw—killing the gnargnar."
by Powderhound143 January 03, 2014
Rhyming Slang for Poor.
"Could you spare me some money? I'm a bit Kershaw at the moment."
by Mr Uncoooool March 26, 2007
Cockney rhyming slang for poor.
Can you spare me some change, I'm a bit Kershaw.
by WHAT!!! March 22, 2007

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