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Like George Carlin said: "One of the 3 real sports."

Basketball requires strategy, and agility. Out of the 3 real sports, it's the quickest paced. Basketball is normally played by taller men.
Tim: Hey Tom, Do you wanna play basketball?

Tom: Heck Yeah! It's wicked exciting!

Tim: Alright, Let's Play!
by Sport_Jock209 August 14, 2011
Like George Carlin said: "One of the 3 real sports."

You need athleticism and strategy. There are usually 9 fielders and a pitcher, who throws complicated pitches like 95mph curveballs to a batter who tries to hit them.

Sure, there are a few more active sports, but you do need athleticism to play baseball. People who call the sport boring, pointless, non-athletic, gay, etc. are either jealous they stink at it, or mentally challenged to a degree.
Tom: Spring is here. What sport shall we play?

Tim: Baseball, of course! It's the best sport ever!

Tom: Of Course!
by Sport_Jock209 August 14, 2011
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