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A sexual encounter in which a woman is put on her hands and knees and penetrated from both ends, generally resembling a pig being roasted on a spit.
I asked the girl I was hooking up with if she had a friend for my buddy. She said no but since there was only two of us and she had three holes she could take care of him too. Then she took us back to her place and we gave her a pig roast.
by Crooked L3 May 13, 2003
To have one guy behind a girl doing her doggystle, and another guy ramming her in the mouth. Then while having sex, the two guys high five over top of her.
1) Hey Carl, did you hear? Shan and Jared totally pigroasted Dana last night.

2) Let's pigroast that bitch.
by The Great Lord Mashtatook April 02, 2006
A pig roast is preformed when a female engages intercourse with two males, one initiates doggy style, while the other recieves head. The result should look like a pig being roasted over a fire.
Guy #1 let's fuck Julia tonight!
Guy #2 ok! But I get to go first!
Guy #1 don't worry about it! We can go at the same time! You get the back and I'll get the mouth!
Julia: like a pig roast! I'm excited! Let's do it!
by The Maxwell October 05, 2009
the act of two men giving double penetration to someone with one in the mouth and one in the preferred back access. . . and then spinning her around like a pig on a spit.
We pig roasted this skank last night after happy hour.
by Zotts September 12, 2008
A sexual position involving 1 female and 2 males. One male is engaging in vaginal intercourse while the other is engaging in oral sex. The one in back slips it into her butthole and when she opens her mouth in shock the other man shoves his dick down her throat. They then proceed to spin her around their dicks
Dude me and my boy found this drunk bitch, we took her back to the crib and pig roasted the shit out of her
by BaconDaddy55 October 31, 2010
the act of two men inserting their genitles into a singular womens mouth and anal cavity. often considered the pinnicle of ones life and rated most desired on ones bucket list
Man 1 to Man 2: "hey dude man bro, lets pig roast the shit out of this dirty lez whore"
by GowKoryUracest November 15, 2010
To pig roast is to have two men have sex with a woman on either end. Then they stand up so the girl is only being held up by the men's privates. A third person may join to spin the girl to make a complete pig roast.
John, Sarah, and Cris were obviously doing the PigRoast last night.
by SwagMasterFinn March 24, 2015

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