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A member of the Marching Band program.
Manch: "When I was a sophomore, I was kinda like 'Aye, I'm a bandie... ugh.' But now I'm like 'I'm proud to be a bandie! In your face cheerleaders!'"

Gould: "Yeah, I'm a bandie... so what."

Pope: "I'm the Drum Major! How kick ass is that?"
by bandisasskicking November 23, 2003

1.You acually have fun at Band camp
2.You have so many inside jokes that only bandies understand
3.Everything you hear sounds perverted
4.You think that everyguy on the Drumline is hot(unless youre a guy then you think the Colorgaurd is hot)
5.You have to many inside jokes to remember enjoy being outside for 12 hours straight in a heat advisory
7.You can step in time with your lunch tray with your eyes closed while fingering your music
8.The Band Room/Practice feild is your home
9.The band is a family to you
10.your band director is like a older brother/sister to you.
this is how im a bandie!!!!
1.Band Camp was the best thing that ever happened to me
2.F FLAT!!!!
3.*Mr.Hasty*Blow harder!!!!
*the whole clarinet section* hehehehehe
4.Lyk OMG Trey Exly is sooo hot and HB and Jamel
5.i have lyk 20 inside jokes
6.Band Camp all over again...
7.ive done it 2 many times...
8.i spend more time in that band room than my acual house
9.its total incest though....
by MarchingMandy March 01, 2009
One of the most awesome people on the face of the planet, bandies should be respected and revered for the endless amount of time and commitment they put into their school's music program. Go Bandies!
Bandie: That is one hot trumpet.
by titaness06 October 06, 2005
someone who is obsessed with a certain band. said person is liable to stalking which may result in a restraining order. a non fictional person whom BD does not believe exists. the most famous bandie that ever lived was Wo Jack. or WJ for short. he stalked every band imaginable
person 1: " dude i love that band!"
person 2: " i know. i'm practically a bandie when it comes to them"
by January 10, 2011
A bandie is a good instrument player who has been doing band for a long time. Has good gear and is really friendly
"I just got a new saxophone, I'm an even bigger bandie now!"
by LOLyourWelcome August 17, 2016
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