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One of the most awesome people on the face of the planet, bandies should be respected and revered for the endless amount of time and commitment they put into their school's music program. Go Bandies!
Bandie: That is one hot trumpet.
by titaness06 October 06, 2005
An overrated "emo" band that only got famous because they hail from the NORTH SHORE (an area of chicago suburbs that is predominantly occupied by bitchy white rich snobs. Trust me, I live there - or you could just watch Mean Girls).

Fall Out Boy (lyrics from "Growing Up"): Glenview never meant a thing to me
She never meant a thing to me
Except for putting idealists in a body bag
by titaness06 October 06, 2005
definitely not as cool as band geeks.
check out the number of "band geek" definitions versus "orch dorks." band wins. YAY BAND!
by titaness06 October 06, 2005

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