Balls Out is a means used to get yourself out of an unwanted situation, while you are with a group of people (refer to the example).

Now there are many rules to Balls Out, as it is a very complicated means to an ends, so to speak, these rules are;
-Balls Out can only be called in reasonable situations; Balls Out to shooting that guy over there, is not reasonable.
-The Balls Out call must be audible; no mumbling.
-In case of a tie, Balls Out must be repeated by the people that have tied, until it is clear that one guy said Balls Out faster then the other guy.
-Seeing as the female population does not have balls, you may think that they don't have to say Balls Out...but they do...they are not above the Balls Out Law!
-The final and most important rule...
If you lose Balls Out then you must do the unwanted task, do not complain about lost, so man up and get the job done!
Person 1- Balls Out to cleaning up those dishes!
Person 2- Balls Out!
Person 3- Balls Out!
Person 4- Dammit! Now I have to clean the damn dishes.
Person 1- Hahaha...yeah, ya do.
by Breid October 14, 2006
Top Definition
To exude tremendous effort, to try extremely hard.
I decided to slack off and get a B in the class, but Ross went balls out and got a 100%
by Casey June 11, 2003
Originally referred to the governor on old steam engines that had two ball that rotated across one another that would control speed depending on how fast they spun. Balls out meant going full speed or power.
That old steam tractor was going balls out.
by tradesman November 21, 2003
This refers to the governor on a steam engine. Two heavy balls are attached to the engine so that as engine speed increases, the centrifigal force of the flywheel causes the balls to rise. As the balls top out, they govern (limit) the engine, thereby controlling maximum engine speed. "Balls out," then, refers to running the engine at maximum speed.
The engineer was running the train at a "balls out" pace while trying to make up time.
by Blueglowizard April 18, 2009
giving your all in a certain situation, being courageous
You should've seen me out there, I started to choke but then I went totally balls out.
by skrilla June 17, 2003
a unit of measure regarding to the top end speed of something.
when asked by the officer how fast he was going bill replied "im not sure but it was pretty ballsout.
by tellitizaman September 06, 2010
Old timey terminology: on steam engines, they had steel balls in there that resricted steam flow. When the conductor was ready to pick up speed, he'd yell "Balls out!", signaling the help to do just that, thereby letting them haul some ass.
"Balls out! We got to mow down those hobos!"
by Dutch Grosse September 29, 2003
When your testicles are out of your pants through the zipper of your jeans.
"dude, your ballsout."
by TheLiriValley April 13, 2010
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