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A name given to a male person.
Possibly of irish origin.
Variant of Caelan: Powerful warrior.
Hi Calin, what up ?
So, it was just me and Calin when they begun to attack.
by Undye1 July 27, 2010
A black male person with a very large penis.
by grrayy October 10, 2011
A filipino and black male with a huge penis. He's probably the best on the basketball team. He also has good hair, and lots of tattoo's.
DAMNNN Daddy I want some Calin.
by Tht Niqqah December 04, 2011
A super hot girl who needs to get laid but when she offers her boyfriend tells her no. Any other guy would love to jump on that but she has a uncanny abilitly to pick homos.
-Is that girl a calin?
-id hit that.
-yeah me too but her boyfriend sure wont
by samissuperawesome December 24, 2009

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