plural of the word ball, an spherical object used for play
hey look over there, there are balls. a basketball, football, and a tennis ball
by Jacob Twertz July 31, 2006
1) Where sperm is made ... to suck, lick or bang with. this is called sex or masterbation. 2) A males house 3) a males sex organ along with the penis
My girlfriend sucked my dick as she rubbed my BALLS!
by Anonymous April 17, 2003
3.5 grams of drugs (1/8 of an ounce). often used for heroin, including black tar. often the size of a small bouncy ball.
"i got pulled over last night and panicked. i had to eat a ball"
"no way! did you get fucked up?!?"
"yeah i shit my pants on the drive home"
by mad max g February 04, 2014
the two round object in the males scrotum that hit each other when kicked that hurt like hell when being a pervert...
God Damb She kicked me in the balls!
by Funny Bob Boy November 16, 2012
Used to replace the word "fuck". Most effective in places where use of the f-word word is not acceptable. (ie. work, school, parent's house)
Shut the balls up you mother-ballser!
by papa_squat_0516 March 14, 2011
The official unit of tripping.
According to my car's trip meter, I have thus far tripped 184.9 balls.
by Troublemaker666 December 11, 2010
when something is beat to the extreme...

joe "yeah.. im drunk i cant even taste shit anymore hahah"

matt" .. dude i PISSED IN THAT CUP.."

joe".. balls..."
by hannahRACCE May 28, 2010

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