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1. A social outcast. usually a girl who has incompetent communication skills with peers and frequently attempts miserably to imput a joke or story to amend her social status but instead lowers them.

2. A passing stage a male may go through where he displays the same qualities and behaviours a female may go through during menstration

3. The left nut of a hippo covered in pubes
Girl1: oh my gosh look at that loner

Girl2: yeah she's such a bailey

Guy1: Calm down! It's alright

Guy2: don't worry about him, he's having a bailey


Oh fuck look under that hippo! that's a big muthafuqen bailey ain't it!
by Ultimate knowledge June 10, 2014
I'm Christian, you? I'm Bailey.
by Aehsn Twthei December 26, 2011
The most sweetest guy. Has Bieber blonde hair with blue eyes and loves to play baseball and loves his braces. He is always smiling and so loving and caring and he is always so happy. Loves his two brothers and dog and cat and his parents. He's smart and wonderful and his personality is the best. Used to play baseball for his old team and then quite to play for his high school. <3
Oh gawsh! Look at Bailey play!
by One direction infection June 21, 2012
A very smart,hot,loving guy/girl.
He/she is very creative.
He/she is very romantic and gets the cheapst, but awesome presents.
He/she loves sports sych as basketbal and soccer.
He/she likes video games
Omgf! that guy/girl is soooo hot! he/she must be nammed Bailey!
by XxBaiwy!xX October 10, 2011
Freckles with a nice face And BIG ass. Sings and short. Feisty and mooches off people. Gives great hjs. Sweet but watch out she's perky. Talks loud so everyone can hear. Is a flirt. No boobs,ass makes up for it. I think she's a bro.nice body though.
Bailey is a cool chick
by hjlover June 30, 2011
In the sport of Disc Golf, any putt that hits the basket.

This is usually partnered with the "donkey" for side betting purposes.

"Playing Donkey/Bailey" (a side bet): Game in which players keep track of "donkeys" and "baileys". In the case of "baileys"- The first person to hit a basket hits the "b", the next to hit the basket hits the "a" and so on until bailey is spelled...then..every "bailey" after that pays!
You hit a "bailey" and you pay everyone on your card.
"Stuck it in the bucket.... nice bailey"

"ooo0, bailey, perhaps you should try lifting your putter a little... but, hey, it wasn't a donkey "

'Bailey, you hit the basket so much I'm gonna start calling that a "bailey"!'

This game is played on the National Tour
by Flyin_G <payed 1st bailey January 10, 2012
A beautiful girl that goes to my school with a NICE rack, beautiful green eyes, track star legs and a nice ass. Overall perfect body she is also the funniest, realest most intelligent girl you will ever meet. Has a boyfriend so no one ever tries anything but any guy would kill for a chance with her. Some girls hate her probably because they are jealous and annoying but overall everybody loves her. Definitely wifey material
Friend: Dude, did you see Bailey Bowers today?

Me: Ya man, she always looks so hot.
by leggomyeggo34 July 17, 2011