A very gorgeous, kind and brave woman. Adorable and child like and yet wise beyond her years. An activist and an old soul. She is about as radically feminist and leftist as they come, and very stubborn about it. Can be overly sensitive and emotional at times but very empathetic and tries to see the good in everyone. Incredible eyes. Always beautiful, but she doesn't believe it and is very self conscious and can't take a compliment. Very smart but again, doesn't believe it and yet everyone has or has had a crush on her at some point. People fall in love instantly, but she's a victim of her own charm and beauty, a heartbreaker and a self-admitted slut so be careful.
"Look, there's Bailey at that protest!"

"Bailey is totally the full package, I heard she has several lovers."

"Bailey is lovely, too bad she doesn't believe it.
by WTME May 10, 2013
Bailey is funny. He charms the ladies with his good looks. He's been going out with a lot of girls but waiting for the right time to ask her out. he is usually short with brown hair and blue or green eyes.
Bailey is cute
by girl_on_the_block January 12, 2013
Bailey is so fine she is an amazing athlete!!!! Bailey is usually really good at volleyball and softball. She is usually blonde hair blue eyes. Loves sex. She is tall and tan. Alot of guys are into her because she is different and down to earth. Boy crazy. Bailey is an amazing girl anybody who has her is really lucky!!!!
bailey woooo
by wooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh January 09, 2013
A close knit family of gregarious athletic girls that are just as gorgeous as they are fun. They are always down for adventure and truer friends will never be found. Always on the cutting edge of music, social media, and fashion the Baileys are spontaneous in the extreme. Being Bailey is being in the now!
You're driving across the country to see us? Dude! That is so Bailey of you!

Our party will be so Bailey! Cute girls great music and fun games!
by Tjschwan March 28, 2015
coolest dude you'ev ever met you might want to call him something else he has the BIGEST DICK ever i no this is a girl name but if you meet a dude with this name dont fuck with him he will call ice cube and repeatedly beat the shit out of you!! bring some beer he will say you no me to well hes the coolest ever he hangs with the president and fucks your mom hahaha never fuck with me BITCH!
awesome bailey
by ice-blade September 28, 2011
The most wonderful and lovely girl you will ever meet, she will be there for you and love you. After seeing her and spending time with her you will feel like the happiest man on Earth. She will not forget you every and will always include you, she never talks bad about you, shes pretty, fascinating, shes a keeper, and a seeker
Friend Says "Hey man why are you so happy?" I answer "Because I was spending time with Bailey!"
by Rhendricks.367 May 25, 2015
He is a very attractive boy, usually talented. He is either a dancer or a singer. He is very loyal and smart, but at times he can be a smart ass. He loves to flirt but always has his eye on one girl. Bailey is fun to be around and very charming.
I wish I was a Bailey!
by Marty123456 April 14, 2015
A follower of Bailinism
I'm Christian, you? I'm Bailey.
by Aehsn Twthei December 26, 2011

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