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Armpit fucking
Joe bagpiped a french woman and had armpit hair stuck to his penis.
by JL August 21, 2003
stimulation of the penis to climax by using the armpit of your lover.
Lets try bagpiping because you have the painters in.
by Martin Judas Carter January 20, 2003
Where the man puts his penis in a girls armpit, whereupon she proceeds to lift her arm up and down, like she is playing the bagpipes. This act is known as Bag-piping.
"We had a nudy ceildhi last night and had a good ole time Bag-piping"
by GaryB123 November 26, 2006
the act of thrusting someones armpit as if they were playing the bag pipes.
I totally bagpiped that McBroad the other day.
by Keanu Reeves May 06, 2005
The art of giving a blow job, rubbing his balls and humming.
When I gave my wife a little drop-in action, she started bag piping me
by mug z July 07, 2012
A specialist kind of blowjob where the woman blows the tip whilst squeezing the sack of her lover which in turn causes the man to moan with pleasure and wail in pain
"He forced me to go balls deep so I started Bagpiping him"
by Cairy Hunt May 20, 2013
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