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A vagina that contains and/or smells like bacon as to attract thousands of male suitors even though the female makes zero effort towards these suitors. These men will later go on to worship the female for her bacon vagina, but the female will soon grow bored and move on to another unbelievably attractive mate.
Believed at first to be a myth, the bacon vagina has proven it's existence in both works of fiction and reality. In the HBO series "Sex and the City" it is believed that the character Carrie Bradshaw had a bacon vagina. This of course explains how she consistently attracted gorgeous and rich guys despite looking like a horse and being a little crazy.
It is also a requirement for the female in the series "The Bachelorette" to have a bacon vagina. This causes the male suitors to work up a frenzy on camera which leads to the show's success.
Unfortunately at this time there is no surgery that can help a woman gain a bacon vagina. There are rumors of a new topical spray that will provide bacon vagina qualities. This spray is currently being tested with the assistance of numerous sororities across the United States.
"Of course she is dating him, she has a bacon vagina."
"There goes another bacon vagina."
"She gets everything with that bacon vagina."
by katgub May 15, 2012
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