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A mix between a Taco and hamburger from jack in the box.
"Dude have u tasted that Delicious Baco the kids from team elephnat invented"?

"No whats that"?

"Its a hamburger made from 100% grade A beef from jack in the box with a hard shell taco made from grade A beef also with cheese lettuces and yummy hot sauce inside of it"
by Team elephnat December 29, 2008
Bacos is a person who is usually really good looking and attractive. Bacos is special and will one day be great. Bacos will always says that people don't care about them...but that isn't true at all. People care about bacos. Bacos will one day find their place even if they don't necessarily think so.
Bacos will be great one day.
by bacosgravy January 06, 2012
A mix drink solely consisting of Bacardi and Cola. Full name: Bacardi-Cola.
"Why did you puke in my face when I tried to kiss you?" "I had too many baco's"
by quisp January 06, 2005
A word used to make vague references to the female anatomy. A particularly disgusting body part can be referred to as a chewbaco.
Bro, that girl just showed me her baco.

Her chewbaco looked like a handful of raisins.
by BurroPega August 15, 2009
Someone who is a former pothead who is completely burnt out and short on brain cells.
Lindsay is such a baco; she can't remember anything.
by SethatLitigation April 23, 2010
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