Someone who talks shit about you behind your back. If you were on fire and this person had a bottle of water they would rink the water and apologize about it later when you are in the ICU. This person makes you walk on hot coals to please them and then they turn around and talk about behind your back while still acting like your friends...stay away from theses people they are no good.
Good Friend: "OMG sorry i didnt mean ... is there anyway i can make it up to you?"

Bad Friend: "Nah.. it's okay it's fine, don't worry about it"

1 hour later
Bad Friend: "guess what this bitch did to me..... I have always hated her. all she wants is attention.. she should go die in a hole"

Next Day

Good Friend:" Hey Bestty"

Bad friend:"Hey Bestfriend in the world" -.-

Another person: "You do know she talks shit about you behind your back"

Good Friend: "WHAT A BACKSTABBER!!!"
by Don't Hate, Appreciate January 30, 2012
One who listens to your problems, pretends to be your friend, acts so fake around you you actually believe it, but in the end goes and hooks up with your boyfriend, spreads rumors about you, etc.
Amelia hooked up with him? I thought she was her best friend! What a backstabber....
by xxxxxooooo69 February 02, 2011
a friend who is your best friend for like a week and then finds some people who are cooler than you and likes them better than you. then she shares time between you and the other friends and decideds when thier gonna sit with you at lunch
alana found more popular friends and became a backstabber to her math club friends
by mushka midnight March 08, 2007
The act of knifing a player on your team in the back while playing hardcore cod. Just to piss off your friend who doesnt realize your backstabbing him.
-How the hell do I keep dying?

-Dude, that asshole on your team keeps backstabbing you.
-Your right! What a fucking back-stabber!
by CODbackstabber March 15, 2011
buttholes, jerks, mean people, people who you should drop instantly they will never be able to trust, people who you think are your friends but are only going to 'stab you in the back'.
J- she is such a backstabber, i told M i liked him and now she is talking to him.
by dabeast. January 26, 2011
When someone acts like a close friend and then goes and talks about you behind your back calling, you a slut and a whore, or a bitch, sometimes things even worst
it happened to me this year, my best friend or at least who I thought all of a sudden started calling me a whore and a bitch, so I stopped hanging out with her she becam e a big fucking bitchy backstabber
by hateyousomuch June 08, 2010
Someone that will pretend to be your friends and find out all of your secrets. Once they do that they take the most embarrassing ones and spread it just to embarrass you.
Samantha: I think I like Josh, but I know he doesn't like me back. If I told him I liked him it would ruin our friendship
Brittany: Hey Josh, Samantha likes you she wants to have your babies.
Josh: Ew, I'm not talking to her anymore.
Samantha: that bitch is such a backstabber
by Depressive name June 21, 2015

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