Someone who pretends to be your friend; but talks shit about u to other people
*** can also be said to be when 1 likes a boy and the friend knows that, and all of a sudden the friend likes the same person
Gosh Alex u are such a backstabber.... I told u I liked him and now all of a sudden u r flirting with him and touching him
by ask me October 19, 2003
some one who says something to your face and another thing about you behind your back
NIALL:dude1 that song you wrote rocks i love it! im gonna write in on my dick so ill never forget it!
Dude1:ok cool but i gtg see ya!
Dude2: so niall what did he say
NIALL: oh he was being a fucking showoff about his song
Dude2: that song sucks though!
NIALL: yea i know man he fucking gets on my nerves
Dude1: Niall you backstabber
Niall: fuck off you lieing cunt! i dont fucking like you because your so arrogant!
Dude1: look in the fucking mirror and think
a "friend" who seems to be ur "friend" 4 about 6 months then has nothing to do w/ u and makes excuses wen u invite them over or to do things because they have new "friends", who will most likeley discared like trash
we were good friends for about 6 months then "they" got new punk "freinds" and now "they" make excuses y we cant hang out any more
by wake up and smell the betrail January 08, 2005
A person that smiles in ur face but all the time they wanna take ur place
Definiton comes from the OJays song Back Stabbers
by Tiffany T. July 10, 2003
Some one who act nice to your face, but as soon as your back is turned they will turn nasty.

John101: Yeah mate, your in with a chance. Go for it!
Adam07: Really, Ok thanks dude. C u l9er.
John101: Hi Stacey, how are you?
StaceyXOX: i am fine.
John101: You know Adam, hes not interested in you. But i am.
StaceyXOX really?
John101: Yeah, i've liked you for ages!
StaceyXOX: well do you want to go out?
John101: definently

Adam07: yo stacey, look do you want to date me?
StaceyXOX: no sorry, i am dating john. Sorry
Adam07: Oh rite, no worries.

Adam07: John you backstabber, you know i like stacey but you got in there first - i hate you!
John101: i dnt care u loser, i never liked you. I AM WITH STACEY, not you. cya round
Adam07: get lost
by Bker101 November 27, 2007
1. Using a person as your friend but actually really hating their guts.
2. Using a person as your friend, and then ditching them for new friends.
"Oh my god, that girl such a backstabber!" She said.
"Yeah, I know, I can't believe she'd do that," The other girl agreed.
by Lying Lisa January 24, 2008
A backstabber is a friend who says she will be there for you and look out for you not 2 worry .. She continues the act and then 1 day when you and ur boyfriend break upo she confesses 2 him she has a crush on him ..
Martha is the biggest backstabber of life
by Miszpinky January 31, 2006

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