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a "friend" who seems to be your "friend', but really they are not your "friend", in most occurences one find out that they friend is a backstabber when they see or hear there friend committing an act of cruelness towards you, when they think that you will never know what they did/ and or said about you.
i was board out of my mind wacthing old tv shows when i called up my "friend" to see if they and some of my other "friends" would go see a movie with me. but they were already watching a movie with all of my other "friends" without even inviting me or telling me about it.
by how can u live like that nc January 08, 2005
A person who you will think is your friend, only to find out later that this person spreads rumors and lies about you to your other friends.
A roommate who fronts a nice demenor, only because the rent is cheap. All the while attempting to sabbotage your personal relationships for his own gain.
John: Wally, Sarah just told me what you said.
Wally: I don't know what your talking about.
John: Dude you suck, she just told me that you said that I cheated on her and had girls stay at the house.
Wally: I don't want to talk about this right now.
John: Dude you know you have a crush on my girlfriend, and your just trying to sabbotage that because you think she would date your wierd ass.....Fucking backstabber!
by jpwf August 19, 2009
A slimy, jealous, no-life having, dirty, blood-sucking, despicable, smile in your face, a**hole of a soulless person.
That backstabber slept with my boyfriend
by Dea Shay December 11, 2010
Someone who stabs you in the back.

My mother died because a backstabber stabbed her in the back with a pencil.
by Woo!!! April 23, 2009
a person who says you can live with them,are really nice and then one day asks you to pay double-board so they can buy golf clubs ... keeps doin that sort of shit, then one day you meet new friends and start dating one of them ...

you introduce them to her and everything is great
...until one day she decides she doesnt like you anymore and tells everyone she is going to kick you out... until she realises you own all the furniture so she finds new boarders that can replace the furniture and kicks you out,

she spreads rumours about you and your boyfriend so that the only guy who ever treated you right and loved you for who you are who you also happen to be pregnant to breaks up with you

turns half your family against you, causes you to lose your job

because of her ... you have noone to talk to anymore, no money and are forced to live with your mum again cause noone else will take you in.

that is a fucking BACKSTABBER!!!
sarah is my sister and she is a fucking backstabber!!!
by Juniorchicky November 13, 2007
one who is friendly to you/others in your/people's presence, but will say negative things about you when your not around in a heartbeat. some people do it all the time, some just in moderation...

it's something that everyone is at least a little bit at some point in their/your life, just like hypocrites.
everyone is a backstabber, everyone is a hypocrite. almost pointless to even use these too words...
by y2c January 09, 2011
A malicious coward who deliberately betrays someone more honest and takes advantage of his/her insecurities because they can't grow up and deal with their own insecurities whilst feigining friendship with somewhat little effort while talking crap about you behind your back. They usually don't treat u as nicely as people they do like, and when they do they'll instantly be a dick/bitch to you again, make lazy and unlikely excuses when they would make the time if they could be bothered to even to tell how they really feel about you in a more obvious way. And they pay more attention to u when u stand up to their lame behaviour.
I'm tired of Les' very blatently complacent and treacherous atittude towards me, never listens to what I want, what a phoney backstabber.
by thrashnut86 November 26, 2010