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People with a shoe fetish find particular shoes sexually attractive arousing. Boots, sandals, court shoes, pumps, stilletos and other heeled shoes are common fetish shoes.
The fact his girlfriend wearing red stilletos give him a kick made him relalise that he has a shoe fetish.
by thrashnut86 February 10, 2011
A malicious coward who deliberately betrays someone more honest and takes advantage of his/her insecurities because they can't grow up and deal with their own insecurities whilst feigining friendship with somewhat little effort while talking crap about you behind your back. They usually don't treat u as nicely as people they do like, and when they do they'll instantly be a dick/bitch to you again, make lazy and unlikely excuses when they would make the time if they could be bothered to even to tell how they really feel about you in a more obvious way. And they pay more attention to u when u stand up to their lame behaviour.
I'm tired of Les' very blatently complacent and treacherous atittude towards me, never listens to what I want, what a phoney backstabber.
by thrashnut86 November 26, 2010
1) Used to express annoyance or anger.
2) Used to express surprise.
3) Used to emphasise of one's strong feelings or opinions about something
4) Used for telling someone to do an incredibly exceptional job

5) To be having sex.
1) "He should've closed him down instead of fucking ball watching!! So annoying!!"
2) "Fucking 'ell that incredibly hot woman wants me, shit"
3) "I fucking hate the way he talks to me, what an ass"
4) "Go and fucking rock out and put on a fucking kick-ass show"
5) "Me and Steph got hammered at the party and we were quickly upstairs fucking, it was the best sex".
by thrashnut86 November 26, 2010

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