The act of back-stabbing is not a difficult task.

It is to earn someone's trust, by becoming their "friend" or otherwise, and then break it repeatedly.

It's easy to tell who's a back-stabber and who's not. If:
1. They talk bad about somebody else that they seem to be close with,
2. Many people don't associate with them for the fear of being talked about,
Or just seem like a bitch in general, watch out. These are sure signs.

Just a few examples of back-stabbing are if they:
1. Tell everybody in your grade that you are pregnant.
2. Talk behind your back about your strange behaviors after the death of you dad.
3. Hit on, go out with, and be a total slut to the man you clearly like, and that she has bad-mouthed repeatedly in the past.
4. Start numerous rumors about how much of a "fuckin whore" and a "piece of trash" you are.

After this, they will most likely come back begging for your loyalty to them.
This, in some cases, is acceptable. But be careful, it's bound to happen again.

~ ~ ~
"Woah, dude, did you hear that Lauren's pregnant?"
"Nahh, man, that back-stabber Annika's just starting rumors."
by NvRShTNvR97 May 10, 2010
backstabber, a person pretening to care about you but causes you downfall in future.
For example:

annie: thanks
backstabber: No problem friend!

------ 5 days later -------

backstabber: I always hated you annie!
annie: but you said we were friends...
by mya causero January 03, 2014
Someone who says another person is their best friend, and when their best friend starts to like a guy...they try to steal them. Then there FORMER best friend gets mad and ditches them for another awesome person named Haley. Then the girl who tried to steal boy from "best friend" gets a new best friend, and when that friend starts to like a DIFFERENT boy...they try to steal him aswell.
"God, Zoe is such a backstabber"
by Haley [hales] June 19, 2007
someone (like me) who really didnt MEAN to hook up w.their "friends" crush n giv him a little bit more thn tongue rite in front of her n then go around doing the same thing to the rest of her friends at the exact moment in time...n then doesnt understand y theyre so pist off at her...i mean really tho ..its not like he was her PROPERTYY they were all up for grabs n who cares...dont miss a perfect opurtunity
a little fling tht ends up hurting a "friend" but was so totally worth it if u want to be named slut of the century
by tiffanyy January 20, 2005
Is a Metaphor for a person who criticises another friend for higher gain of like money, work, fun, interest, etc. to hurting you as well or just because they can, the funniest way to backstab someone.
Person 1: "Hey, there goes Joe."
Person 2:" He's such a prick"
Person 1:" Why?"
Person 2: "He told my teacher that I've had sex with his daughter."
Person 1: "What a Backstabber!"
by Stibibz December 05, 2009
A "friend" who uses, then betrays you. Backstabbers are also considered, full of them selves, bossy, annoying, and extremely bitchy.
Well, the other day a girl at my school was being such a know-it-all at our chemistry class. She kept on saying that she was smarter than everyone else, and she was bossy. Most of the answers she gave us were wrong. I talked to my other "friend" (Backstabber) and she told me to tell Know-It-All to fuck off, but I, being the nice person I am, didn't want to be mean so I didn't. Later that day Backstabber told Know-It-All what I said, and Other Loyal Good Friend whispered to me that Backstabber and Know-It-All were spreading rumors and telling lies about me. Backstabber deserves to be stabbed. Know-It-All needs to receive a nice, long email containing all of the insults, truths, and comments everyone wants to scream at her.

I am very sorry this example was so long.

I hope it was entertaining.
by ES Revenge101 October 26, 2011
a person who does somthing naughty with another person then turns aroud and tells people and never calls that person or comes to see that person!!
he made-out with her and never called her when sh really liked him!!
by shaina September 23, 2003

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