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An event where loved ones, family and friends get to spend time with prospective parents, impart supportive wishes and advice and generally make sure that the parents to be realise that everything is still totally cool.

Generally held in the afternoon of a weekend day. While gifts are not usually considered compulsory - if we're honest with each other the over-riding reason that such an event is put together is for the gifts one will get so having a registry somewhere is not a bad idea.
Have checked out their online BABY SHOWER gift regisitry?
by GH May 09, 2003
169 65
the act of ejaculating your children on your partner. Your semen holds your sperm and your sperm are your children.You ejaculate on her therefore it is a baby shower.
Jack:i cummed all over Jenny's face.
Joe:so you gave her a baby shower.
by Kid High Roller March 06, 2010
176 74
(V.) To ejaculate on a person's face.
"Did you bang that girl last night?!" "Dude no, but I totally gave her a baby shower!" *high fives*
by theneverbird July 12, 2012
12 7
A place where closet knob gobblers go with their wives so they can hook up in the downstairs bathroom while their wives are preoccupied. Typically, these baby showers are advertised as "couples showers", so all the wannabe fags are given a heads up that it's assfucking season.
As they left the baby shower with their wives, Scott and Dave were walking some kind of strange.
by Straight Dude June 26, 2006
9 6
When a man orgasams in his hand and flings it into his partners mouth.
Gayland shot his load in his hand and gave his chick a "Baby Shower" when he flung it into her open mouth!
by Leongabriel June 15, 2013
8 8
The action of ejaculating inside of a pregnant woman and in doing so showering onto the unborn fetus.
Since my wife is pregnant, I give her baby showers all the time.
by Ben Ille December 09, 2011
12 15
When you're going down on a pregnant woman and her water breaks on your face.
Dude it was the most digusting thing ever! I had to deal with a Baby Shower last night!
by Rooster2188 November 05, 2009
28 37