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This is a trophy shit that resembles a BABY RUTH CANDY BAR. A trophy shit being a shit that is PURPOSELY left in the toilet by its former owner as if to "show off" or "mark their territory" or gross out and piss off the next person who comes to use the toilet.
All the stalls at the movie theater were occupied, except for one, and it had a stinky Baby Ruth in it, along with a massive TP plug. I decided to hold it for 2 hours and then use the restroom!
by Jeff The Janitor June 16, 2006
A poo found floating in the swimming pool. From the movie Caddyshack, where a real Baby Ruth bar in the pool was mistaken for fecal matter, causing the pool to be evacuated.
I had a rough day at work today--I had to fish a Baby Ruth out of the pool and kick everyone out for the rest of the day, on one of the hottest days of the summer so far!
by Pacer October 28, 2006
When your driving your semi down some fat slag's hershey highway when you get off at the exit, your dick looks like a candy bar.
My friend was so grossed when he woke up with a Baby Ruth in his shorts after fucking a coyote the night before.
by turd ferguson24 July 10, 2008
a fuck up. when you do something like a dumb blonde would.
My cousin asked, "When is the next 4th of July?" ... what a baby ruth!!!!
by Liz T December 15, 2003
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