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Baboon ass is an unfortunate case where your ass cheeks sweat and the wet hairs on your ass cause friction, which is a the pain felt as baboon ass. It's most common whilst doing activity, and in the summertime, where your body will naturally sweat more. Wiping your ass too hard can also result in this terrible sickness. The term baboon ass derives from the redness found on a baboon's ass, this same redness is a sympton along with a bloody great pain on your crack of the sickness also.
I can't play football today lads, i've got baboon ass.
by Muddy Horsburgh September 06, 2005
When you (a male) grab the top of your scrotum near the didick, squeezing the nuts until they are tightly displayed against the scrotum flesh. Best when displayed through the fly of your pants, and then asking a cute girl if she has ever seen a baboon's ass.
Have you ever seen a baboon's ass?
by Joe January 10, 2004
stage 2 of monkey butt when youve had too many jalapenos
i am passing monkey butt going on to baboon ass since i have ate that jar of jalapenos
by fuck you December 09, 2003
A condition in which a mans ass ( specifically on or around the butthole ) becomes red and swollen resembling the ass of a Baboon . This unfortunate and painful condition is most often the result of exercise or manual labor on hot humid summer days and is often made worse by the salt found naturally in a man' perspiration. In addition baboon ass can also be brought on by repeated wiping of ones butthole such as in the case of diarhea or the beer shits etc...
OUCH my ass hurts , I must have baboon ass from all that beer and exercise. "Honey can you kiss it better ?"
by chicagogofan February 22, 2010
When a balding male gets sunburn on the top of his head. The red bald spot on the top of his head, partly covered with hair, will show an uncanny resemblance with a baboons backside.
He should have covered his head, not he's got a headache and a baboon ass...
by Demarates May 04, 2006
The rear end of a small hatch-back car when red brake lights are illuminated.
Take the corner with a sense of adventure, motherfucker. I don'want to see your baboon ass!
by aaus February 11, 2008
{noun). When a man gets up from a sitting or squatting position too quickly, inadvertently having his scrotum slip between his legs. As he straightens up, they get trapped tightly underneath his ass cheeks, thus displaying swollen genitalia turning red like that of a baboon.
"I regret wearing boxers today because I got up too fast and got instant baboon ass! Now my balls hurt!"
by Mr. Bravo December 18, 2008
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