Condition in which one's asshole becomes inflamed or dilated or otherwise raw, often due to poor diet (i.e., too much red meat) or overstimulation of general area.
After years of eating spicy meats and high-starch foods, Reginald found that even a slight breeze could send shockwaves across his baboon ass.
by Aloicious September 09, 2003
A Baboon Ass a person somehow attached to a managers or bosses asshole by their nose.

An ASSistant to the manager/boss who has near syphilitic delusions of grandeur and power, who shoots streams of frothing orgasm at the chance to dish out work or pass on pointless messages, pick up rubbish or do mountains of overtime at the behest of their workplace overlord.
Marguerite shot hot wads of frothing orgasm as Gerry-anne explained to her his need for someone to stay behind and monitor the lateshift workers.

Bernardo is such a Baboon Ass, he follows the boss around like his nose is glued to her ass.
by B_C_L March 27, 2009
Sonbodys face because they are ugly.
What are you gonna do for a face when that baboon wants his ass back?
by Paul April 09, 2004

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