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to perform oral sex on a male while the partner has ice cubes (or crushed ice) in her (or his) mouth.

When properly executed, this is quite a treat.
It would seem Sarah gave him a Siberian special, he was quite pleased.
by Demarates May 12, 2006
In a sexual context : it involves inserting a (pealed) banana into a girls rectum prior to engaging in anal sex. Afterwards, a bowl is used to catch the result, a lukewarm mixture of jiz, mushed banana and excrement.
Doing a Banana split is quite popular in latin-american countries. A friend of mine did one in Cuba the other day.
by Demarates May 02, 2006
When a balding male gets sunburn on the top of his head. The red bald spot on the top of his head, partly covered with hair, will show an uncanny resemblance with a baboons backside.
He should have covered his head, not he's got a headache and a baboon ass...
by Demarates May 04, 2006
Hairless testicles, either by nature or as a result of shaving the scrotum.
"Dude has no body hair whatsoever."

"Seriously ?"

"It's freaky. Chest, armpits, legs, nothing at all. I'm telling you, he even has KOJAK BALLS."

by Demarates June 13, 2007
aka Serena Williams, an extremely butch female tennis player.
I was so bored bored I watched womens' tennis last night.

Who was playing ?

Williams vs Sharapova.

Which Williams ?

Nasty Williams.
by Demarates May 02, 2006
Simply that which is considered worthy of being poked.
Sure, that Hilton is dumb as a post, but she's still pokeable.
by Demarates August 21, 2006
To donate semen at the fertility clinic in exchange for money. Derived from the nickname of a certain college student who financed his beer supply doing just that.

Said donation is commonly referred to as a "Murination"
Man, I'm dead broke again. Time to go down the street and murinate, I guess.

by Demarates August 22, 2006
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