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BYOB changes with age. As a child it simply stands for bring your own bed, used mainly during a sleepover to say, "bring a sleepingbag" as you get older, it means bring your own beer,as beer will not be served.
Johnny(age 5) BYOB, friends, it'll be a great sleepover!

Johnny(age 15) its a party, BYOB...
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Acronym: Bring Your Own Beer. A party where the alcohol is not provided.
Wanna come over Saturday? We're having a BYOB party.
by The Grammar Nazi June 21, 2001
1181 171
Bring your own Bible. Used by hardcore Christian kids.
"Hey, you comin to church tonight?"
"Well, BYOB. I don't wanna share mine again."
by ultraviolentink July 25, 2005
934 468
Bring your own beer, booze, bitch, and/or bombs.
Im having a party, byob.
by brenn April 26, 2005
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BYOB is an acronym with several similar yet related expansions. The acronym is most often associated with a social gathering (a party) at which the host will not be providing alcoholic beverages; the guests are invited to bring a beverage of their choice for their own consumption.

Common expansions of the acronym include:

Bring Your Own Bottle
Bring Your Own Booze
Bring Your Own Beer
Bring Your Own Beverage
not applicable, see above
by jeff24 July 01, 2005
469 91
Bring your own Burrito,

used for hardcore mexican parties.
ey sanchez tonight is BYOB, you guys cleared me out last night
by Ashzor Polgzor May 29, 2006
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Song by System of a Down
by pat April 24, 2005
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A lame term used for "Bring your own beer". Typically used when a party thrower doesn't have enough money to throw a real party.

Pronounced by letters "B-Y-O-B" (be-why-oh-be).
"Hey man I'm throwin' a party tonight, BYOB."
by SupaShaD April 30, 2005
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