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Big Vagina Syndrome
Brittney: you know, you have a babypenis
Jon: well i hate to tell you...
Brittney: tell me what?
Jon: you have bvs
by jujuchamp6 December 08, 2009
Batman versus Superman, a movie that came out in Spring 2016
We watched BvS on last weekend, and it was only ok
by Big Lupu May 29, 2016
Bad vibes
Guy 1 - "Dude, I'm gettin' BVs from this place!"

Guy 2 - "WTF are BVs?!"

Guy 1 - "Bad vibes!"
by creepedoutchick August 11, 2009
Three sexually frustrated lesbians who give each other hiccis and naked body oil massages in their spare time. Their group consists of a hair ball, dick sucking lips, and a wanna be blonde monkey. Their love lifes are a joke and they take pride in who can be the sluttiest out of all of them. They think they're the shit, but in reality, they are disgusting and immature.
I swear I've changed!
Can you spell blue???
Blue, Peatree, and Cherry.
by Anonymous February 25, 2003
BVS also referred to as Backflip Vagina Slap.see Backflip Vagina Slap invented by the great BlizzlePimp21 and the also great but not as great as B Man
id like to BVS that skanky ass vagina.
by Blizzlepimp21 December 16, 2003
yes we are sexually frustrated, but you seem to be the one not getting any ass right now...awww pooor baby :(
by the BV's February 25, 2003
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