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Abbreviation for Bad Vibe.
"oh man, taking thoes 4 shots of bacardi 151 after finishing off a 26er of appletons was a bad idea.. i've got BV!
by DI December 30, 2004
B.V. is an abbreviation for "Bacterial Vaginosis" or; more commonly "Bad Vagina" Often characterized by a strong putrid odor eminating from said vagina, and a thick cottage cheese like secretion.
Dude, that chick was hot last night, but when I went down on her, she had the worst fucking B.V. ever!
by SoCaliTex June 18, 2006
Brain Vomit. When a person randomly blurts out unrelated conversational material or random widget.
<ppl focused in other distractions>

"Oh yeah, well Tommy tried to..."

<ppl like wtf -- must've been a BV>
by korentb December 15, 2011
Short for Besloten Vennootschap; a Dutch term for a privately-held LLC, similar to GmbH in Germany and Austria. The initialism "BV" or "B.V." generally follows such companies' official names.
Many Ikea stores are established through franchise agreements with Inter IKEA Systems BV.
by captain lonely April 18, 2011
Slang for Bicester Village
Girl-im going to work
Boy- where do you work
Girl- Oh i work in BV
Boy- Whats BV?
Girl- It's Bicester Village
by pandagirl January 08, 2013
A BV is a Big Virgin. He thinks he is better than everyone else because he waited until marriage to have sex, but the truth is that he is almost 30 and a virgin because he is either 1) afraid of vaginas or 2) confused about his sexuality 3) prefers comic books and video games over female company- or any combination of 1,2, or 3. In the end he marries the first female who offers him sex, often making a huge mistake.
friend 1: Who is that girl with the smelly cunt marrying?
friend 2: She's marrying some BV.
friend 3: Yeah! I hear he still has collection of smurfs in his dining room!
friend 2: Yeah, and his vagina gets wet at christmas time 'cause he really likes to set up his choo choo train set and decorate the house!! Ha ha!!
by fishnp April 15, 2011
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