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(plural noun) little particles floating in a liquid, most commonly in a beverage
Look at the floaties in my cafe mocha.
by Ricci March 02, 2005
Larger size boobs make excellent floaties. So by skinnny dipping you allow your breasts to work as floating devices.
Get your floaties out were going for a swim.
by Ornella Z December 31, 2005
Randomly found in light colored drinks, preferably those with ice. Noticed only AFTER you've drank from it already. Followed by bouts of denial over how it got there. Subject to great debate and one of life's greatest mysteries.
<Kev spots a floaty in the pink lemonade he's been sipping>

by KetchupVSKatsup August 12, 2011
Small particles of feces found afloat inside the bowl of an improperly flushed toilet.
Dude, don't you know how to flush? You left floaties!
by Michael Sutthampham May 07, 2005
The act of being extremely steezy, usually takes place while skiing.
I just hucked a dub cork 12 off the money booter, bruh.
Dude, I saw. That was so floaty.
by WeelAfterbangs January 16, 2011
one whom can appear and disappear in an instance, run off motors which help to float around, someone who is slightly stange and may come out with strange comments
-- 'where's ... gone?'

- 'what a floaty cun*'
by floatyman January 12, 2011
1. A person who is indirect and instead talks around the subject.

2. A person who often talks about feelings.

3. A person who is perceived to live in a world of their own and often sees the positives in situations.

4. A person who is distracted by a multitude of factors.
1. Person A: " I punched them in the face"
Floaty person: "Do you think that there are other ways of channeling you emotions?"

2. "How does that make you feel?", "Your energy is making me feel ......."

3. " These puddles make it like an exciting obstacle course to get to ....... everyday"

4. "Where's the cheese? Ooooh, do you smell burning? Oh look, there's a cute little dog out side, isn't that lovely."
by purple rhapsody April 30, 2011
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