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Brother of the Leaf. A friendly name for a fellow cigar smoker. Also SOTL, or Sister of the Leaf.
I had a great time herfing in Knoxville this weekend! It's always fun to hang out with amazing BOTL and SOTL.
by itsme_timd May 04, 2009
Bang on table laughing.
Burt: Wagwan g'z brap brap im sho sho & ting
Carmen,Emma,Sally,Tony: BOTL !!!!!!!!!!!!!
(they bang on the table whilst laughing btw)
by Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa March 07, 2008
Pronounced "bottle" this is an acronym for "Beers On The Lawn", used to describe various events located on lawn at which beer and other alcoholic beverages are consumed
lets head down for botl, i could use a beer or four
by drinkingman August 21, 2014
Bisexual (s) on the loose:

Another term similar to lotl, hiding the actual definition from the botl herself.

Botl: (usually reffered towards girls)

Unknowingly, she is not out, but you know she in fact, is a botl.

These people tend to be harder to find, but if found, then keep this in mind that she indeed is a botl.

This phrase can act as a signal, or code word for when there's a botl around.
Oh damn that botl is really pretty.

There's a botl in the room!

Hey, (insert friend's name), don't you think she might be a botl?

If she's not a lotl, she's probably a botl. Trust me, I know.
by lotlbotl June 02, 2011
Bottom of the line. The lowest quality item. The cheapest thing you can buy.
Question: "What kind of stereo do you have?"
Answer: "It's a BOTL Sony..."
by jalansing September 19, 2008
Back Of The Line.Often said when someone is lining up for an event or entry to something.For example, the people in front of the line would typically yell it out to on comers looking to but in the line.
John "Dude check out the line for the movie!"
Dylan " it's huge, lets just sneak in front"
PhiL "BOTL noob!"
by Phillip Scott Robertson March 02, 2008
Pronounced "bottle". Acronym for "Butt On The Line". This is the person that has the responsibility for a particular job, such as a business project or getting tickets to the big game. Repercussions for not coming through when you have been designated the BOTL for something can be anything from being fired from your job to a severe ass-kicking.
"Who's my BOTL for the Johnson account? Get him in here and he better have a good explanation for this fiasco."
by Brandom October 16, 2007