A punch used in Olympic boxing and sometimes MMA. The power of this attack comes from the shorting arch of the attack not hip or shoulder torc. Most fighters consider this a brawlers move not a refined fighters attack.
"I'm gona throw strait bolos"
by Gabriel Nix May 11, 2006
A mandatory nickname for the latest inductee into your group, club, peers etc. This nickname must be present for a maximum three weeks or until the inductee has proven themselves worthy to be addressed by their proper title.
"My name is Paul"
"Your name is Bolo"
"BOLO. Bolo is your name, until you earn Paul."
by Bizzybodyz November 30, 2014
1.receiveing oral sex while in the use of a vehicular machine.
2.road head
brah, that chick was givin me bolos last night when i had take her home.
by Hokey808 September 02, 2008
It is a word colloquially used to refer to drunk people. It's commonly known in the state of Chiapas, Mexico.
¡Mira, ahí viene el bolo de Memo!
note: Memo is the nickname of Guillermo.
by Pechita23 July 10, 2008
A raunchy expression used to express the thought that "Bob only lives once"; an expression of Yolo but with a B; used best when the creepiest faces emerge.
You: "Oh hey whats up Curt?"
Curt: "BOLO!! BLEHHH!!"
You: "...alright maaaaan."
by Boloforlife August 09, 2012
Nickname for Roberto Luongo, goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks.
Did you see that save Bolo made?! That's why we pay him $6 million a year!
by Jake Bullet July 08, 2010
1. bum + solo = being a bum by yourself
1. Lisa wanted me to go party at this club with all her friends, but I didn't want to go on the bolo.
by Koze1 October 23, 2008

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