nothing; empty
Vin Diesel has a bolo head.
by Arlene August 25, 2003
cocaine, esp. crack
Yo, cook up some bolo and lets hit the glass.
by Lazy Blaze March 21, 2003
1.Another way of saying polo shirt

2. Spanish for a drunk
1.I went to burlington and bought apink le tigre bolo.

2. Despues de cada fiesta Alberto siempre esta bolo.
by coochiemeingsoicey June 23, 2005
A chubby kid from PEI
Nathan, Bolo, Nat Dog, Bolodrome, Nat
by Aitken Ranger January 26, 2004
1. To stink (usually of sweat).

2. A synonym for antiperspirant deodorant, a product used to trap bolo under the skin so that it doesn't bolo up the place.

3. The model name of the Volkswagen car a smelly person is said to be driving.
1. "Have you ever smelt Fatty's shirts after he's been on stage? Man, he bolo."
(NOTE: Contrary to the grammatical rules surrounding similar sentences like "He smellS", "She stinkS" etc, the correct usage of bolo in this instance is always "He bolo" not "He bolos").

2. "Can I borrow some of your bolo? I fuckin reek of B.O."

3. "Man, that guy smells so bad you can just tell he drives a Volkswagen Bolo."
by Cree$e October 30, 2007
Like lol, except better.
Guy 1: Dude, I saw this guy fall of a roof into a pile of poop.
Guy 2: Teh bolo
by El Spacio de Aboros April 08, 2005

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