A type of shotgun shell load, consisting of two slugs joined by steel wire. When fired, the slugs stretch the connecting wire, causing it to slice up its target badly when it hits.
He got messed up really good from that bolo shot.
by Bill Koch April 08, 2007
acronym for "Be On Look Out"
cops is coming, watch out for game.
stay on your hustle.
by bolo's girl June 27, 2005
Bored + Lonely = Bolo
Since everyone left i'm so bolo.
by okibrat April 24, 2011
A slang term for the drug Heroin
I need a ounce of dat Bolo.

Ay nigga u got some a dat Bolo on deck?
by suda23 April 07, 2010
1) is a guy who doesn't know what he is doing. As defined in the movie three kings.
2) a chinese martial arts actor, seen in many hk action films, bolo yeung
Bolo just rocked jean-claud van dame!

by chusen1 January 25, 2009
nothing; empty
Vin Diesel has a bolo head.
by Arlene August 25, 2003
cocaine, esp. crack
Yo, cook up some bolo and lets hit the glass.
by Lazy Blaze March 21, 2003

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