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When a man is getting oral sex from a girl while his friend(s) hide under the bed, in the closet, etc. After the man is finished, he has the option of exclaiming the code words "damn girl!" at which point the hidden friend(s) come out of hiding. The man then denies that he knew they were there.
Taylor almost got his ass kicked after he pulled a Jackie Robinson on that nasty black girl from school.
#jackie robinson #jolly rodger #oral sex #head #brain
by Jua Jua December 28, 2010
When a white girl uses a black dildo
Bob: "So did you hook up with that chick last night?"

Joe: "Well, I didn't bang her, but she did allow me to give her the Jackie Robinson."

Bob: "Sweet."
#dildo #jackie #robinson #black #white
by EMR1976 July 27, 2009
To date women of a different race.
Bennie went sarging last night and went jackie robinson with a fine hispanic woman.
#date #club #mack #pua #ethnicitiy
by victorfrankel April 13, 2008
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