A word that means almost anything you want it to be, it is usually used as an exclamation and/or an alternative to "Wtf?" It can be used in almost any situation, but is especially great for awkward silences, or when someone does something exceedingly awkward. Different connotations can also mean different things. Can also be followed by laughter.

A list of some things it could mean: A) "Wtf?"
B) "No."
C) "I have no idea."
D) "That is shocking!"
E) *Awkward silence breaker*
F) "Never do that again."
G) *In reaction to when something is not funny*

Pronounced like Snow or Toe
Ex 1) Person A: So, the other day, I totally clipped my chest hair and then licked it up off of the ground!

Person B: Boh! Dude! What's wrong with you?

Ex 2) Person A: Hey! What do you call a witch on the beach?

Person B: What?

Person A: A sandwich!

Person B: ...Boh. Just, boh.
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by Ksloth November 14, 2010
Top Definition
BOH! is a simulated gun shot noise, used as a positive vocal response to a big tune or massive bassline in the 'drum & bass / jungle' (electronic dance music genre) community.

The term originates from the Jamaican/Reggae culture where a gunshot was used to signal/call a rewind of a big tune. Now, yelling BOH! or BWOH! is a common vocalization used to affirm the selections/sound of the Selectah/DJ.
Drum & Bass MC shouts at a party, "If you want the rewind let me hear you say BOH!" Crowd responds in unison, "BOH!"

Trainspotter standing all night with his arms folded right in front of the DJ booth finally hears an exclusive dubplate he recognizes, yells "BOH SELECTAH!" - and promptly raises his lightah!
#boh! #bwoh #bwoh! drum & bass #jungle #mc #mcs #mc mc #gunshot #dancehall #jamaica
by DJ WHIZARD June 18, 2008
italian word used to say 'i dont know'.
It's the same as 'Meh'.
1. what are u going to do dis afternoon, nigga?
2. Boh!
#italian word #meh #boh #italy #nigga
by Buddy10594 August 24, 2008
An incorrect variation on the exclaimation "D'oh."
As seen in the Simpsons episode "Burns' Heir," when Burns tried to convince Bart that his family doesn't miss him, and hires actors to portray them on a video feed. But, the Homer actor flubs his lines, saying "B'oh" instead of "D'oh."
Homer Actor: (odd voice) I do not miss Bart at all.
Marge Actor: (odd voice) I am glad he's gone.
Lisa Actor: (odd voice) As am I.
Homer Actor: (drops) sandwich B'oh!
by Mike! March 30, 2005
An exclamation similar to "D'oh", the popular phrase said by Homer from The Simpsons. Similar in meaning and annunciation.
Saying this phrase to another Simpsons buff displays superior knowledge of Simpsons trivia; said usage also points out the over usage of the phrase "D'oh" and avoids obvious simpsons clichés.

Origin: In Simpsons episode 1F16: "Burn's Heir", an actor portraying Homer mistakenly exclaims "B'oh" after dropping a sandwhich while trying to convince Bart the actor is the real Homer (Saying "D'oh" would have been more realistic).
Person1: "Dude you just dropped your beer"
Person2: "D'oh"
SimpsonsBuff1: "Dude you just dropped your beer"
SimpsonsBuff2: "B'oh"
#doh #d'oh #boh #homer #simpson #simpsons #homer simpson
by Erik Price June 12, 2007
plural form of the shortened natty boh, which is short for national bohemian beer.
ofcourse i'm drinking boh's tonight, it's fancy friday!
#national #bohemian #fancy #friday #fancy friday
by fancy trousers October 12, 2007
A term used in Mid-Wales to refer to a friend or downright decent bloke. The 'o' is sounded as in 'hot'.
Glyn: 'Alright, boh?'

Evan: 'Aye not so bad boh, yourself?'

Glyn: 'Aye getting by like'
#mate #friend #colleague #wales #welsh
by DrawFirstBlood April 14, 2013
Please disregard the half informed definition related to drum and bass that was posted below.

From the source of jungle/dnb lingo, the Junglist Dictionary:

Bo! - Simulated gunshot. When a tune is big, say this loud if you want a rewind. In Jamaica, people used to fire blanks all the time when a tune was big.

For a definition of rewind, see the Junglist Dictionary you lazy bastards.
*DJ drops a Britney Spears remix*

*DJ drops a hot fuckin tune*

*DJ drop kicks AK1200 in the face*
"BOH! BOH! BOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by <3 the bunny March 17, 2004
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