Please disregard the half informed definition related to drum and bass that was posted below.

From the source of jungle/dnb lingo, the Junglist Dictionary:

Bo! - Simulated gunshot. When a tune is big, say this loud if you want a rewind. In Jamaica, people used to fire blanks all the time when a tune was big.

For a definition of rewind, see the Junglist Dictionary you lazy bastards.
*DJ drops a Britney Spears remix*

*DJ drops a hot fuckin tune*

*DJ drop kicks AK1200 in the face*
"BOH! BOH! BOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by <3 the bunny March 17, 2004
Back Off Him Slut
"Can I tell you I asked him to whip me today?"
by theschist April 24, 2010
Bros Over Hoes
Basically saying put your friends and family before a female.
Anthony:You gone leave meh bro? fo dat bitch? u H O B now?

Tarell:Man you know I ain't H O B. I'm B O H.
by Taquesha June 11, 2008
A word that means almost anything you want it to be, it is usually used as an exclamation and/or an alternative to "Wtf?" It can be used in almost any situation, but is especially great for awkward silences, or when someone does something exceedingly awkward. Different connotations can also mean different things. Can also be followed by laughter.

A list of some things it could mean: A) "Wtf?"
B) "No."
C) "I have no idea."
D) "That is shocking!"
E) *Awkward silence breaker*
F) "Never do that again."
G) *In reaction to when something is not funny*

Pronounced like Snow or Toe
Ex 1) Person A: So, the other day, I totally clipped my chest hair and then licked it up off of the ground!

Person B: Boh! Dude! What's wrong with you?

Ex 2) Person A: Hey! What do you call a witch on the beach?

Person B: What?

Person A: A sandwich!

Person B: ...Boh. Just, boh.
by Ksloth November 14, 2010
a.k.a., Brolic Obnoxious Human.

A Boh can define a person, or the person's actions. Boh is a term used to point out the most obnoxious beings (determined by size and style) and anything they do that stands out to the point where everyone around them can't fathom what they just saw.
That's so Boh that he just did 40-dips into 30 pushups, without a break or sweat.
by Mike "PHDad" Scenery March 12, 2012
Back of House. Someone who works in the kitchen of the restaurant as opposed to FOH (Front of House).
BOH is fucking up every order I've put in tonight, did we hire a new staff or something?
by blahlahblah November 06, 2010
Bohemian FC

The best, most honest football club in Ireland. Found in 1890 and based in Phibsboro on Dublin's north side, Bohs are everything a football team should be... badly run, shite football, crumbling old stadium, moaning fans, cold chips, wonky floodlights, fringe lunatics. The closest thing to heaven on earth.

Bohs' colours are red and black, usually seen in vertical stripes on the jersey. Dalymount Park in near Dublin's city centre has been the home of Bohs since 1901 but in an effort to attract more fans, investors, sponsors and media coverage the club is now looking to move to a new stadium on the outskirts of Dublin in a deal which will result in Bohemian FC being one of the richest clubs in Europe. Whether that money will be spent on investing in the future and securing Champions League football for years to come is anyone's guess at the moment. Don't be surprised if the millions get blown on right footed donkeys with two nleft feet and a manager who can't tell his back four from his back side.

Local rivals include Shamrock Rovers and St Patrick's Athletic.

Much as they'd like to consider themselves rivals, the club known as Shelboune are irrelevant.
When I was just a little boy
I asked my mother, what will I be?
Will I be Rovers?
Will I be Bohs?
Here's what she said to me

Wash your mouth my son
And get your father's gun
And shoot the Rovers scum
Shoot the Rovers scum
we hate Rovers!
by Jackie Jameson May 02, 2006

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